Creative AI Workflows

Learn to integrate AI into your workflow without sacrificing your creative agency.

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Then this workshop is made exactly for you! You'll benefit the most from this workshop if you:

Dare to go beyond text-to-image

Explore the creative possibilities of wider range of ​generative AI models and tools.

Spark the creativity with AI

Discover brainstorming games that leverage AI’s ​“non-human” perspective to spark fresh creative ​avenues.

Want to lead the creative AI direction

Develop a method for taking control of your AI ​projects, ensuring your unique vision remains at the ​forefront.

Learn to think with AI models

Master the principles of AI in creative practice and ​design effective workflows.

Lenka ​Hamosova

As an educator and an creative AI expert, I have ​helped hundreds of people over the past 6 years to ​overcome fear from AI and empowered them with ​confidence and simple techniques to redefine their ​practice in order to benefit from AI’s creative ​potential while not losing their own creative voice.

Find out more.


Learn how artists are using AI to ​push boundaries and leave the ​competition in the dust.



Enjoy active participation with the ​opportunity to ask questions and interact in ​real-time. All workshops will be held on ​Zoom, utilizing an engaging and interactive ​environment powered by Miro Board.

Experience the cozy atmosphere of a small ​group setting in Zoom, enhancing learning ​and networking.

Genuine Research Insights

Benefit from in-depth research, not just ​surface-level information. Our workshop ​content is meticulously crafted, drawing ​from a wealth of academic research ​integrated with real-world insights from the ​creative industry. With over six years of ​experience in facilitating educational ​workshops in the dynamic field of creative AI, ​we bring a unique blend of scholarly rigor and ​practical expertise to every session.

Resource-Rich Experience

Gain access to a comprehensive array of ​resources throughout and beyond the ​workshop. All learning materials, ​meticulously crafted by Lenka Hamosova, ​have undergone rigorous testing in over 50 ​workshops conducted in recent years. These ​materials are continuously updated to ​reflect the latest advancements in AI ​technology. Additionally, participants will ​enjoy exclusive offers for future workshops, ​fostering ongoing learning and professional ​growth.

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May 30th 2024

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June 18th 2024

18:30-20:30 CEST

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June 27th 2024

18:30-20:30 CEST

online workshop in English

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